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Please read the terms in this document carefully before using this site and / or related services. Your use of this site and related services confirms your unreserved acceptance of these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, do not use this site.


Terms of Sales


Article 1 - Publishing Company

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Article 2 - General

The present terms and conditions of sale of the company e-Lunet Optic define the rights and obligations of the parties, hereinafter referred to as "the consumer” and the company e-Lunet Optic, hereinafter referred to as "the website ".

The customer declares to have read these general conditions of sale and accepted the rights and obligations related thereto. Any order made on the website is governed by these conditions.

These conditions of sale apply without restriction or reserve to all sales concluded by e-Lunet Optic from a non-professional client wishing products offered for sale.

Any order of a product offered on the site implies the consultation and the express and unreserved acceptance of these general conditions of sale, but this acceptance is conditioned by a handwritten signature from the customer.


Article 3 – Terminology


Products: all the products and services offered by e-Lunet Optic on its e-commerce website.

Basket: all the products and services selected by a visitor, which may lead to the creation of an order.

Order: each purchase or reservation of a product or service made by a customer on the website under the conditions provided for in these general conditions of sale.

User: each person of age, and capable, having registered on the site and created a personal identifier.

Customer: Each user wishing to benefit from the e-Lunet Optic products and who will satisfy these general conditions. The quality of customer is acquired at the validation of the order.

Beneficiary: Each beneficiary of the purchase of eyeglasses or sunglasses, whether customer or user or other.

Seller: registered users who have been authorized by e-Lunet Optic after verification and who offer products for the sale of frames.


Terms of use of the site


Users of the website undertake to respect the laws in force in France and to ensure:

-          Respect the privacy of others

-          Be at least 18 years old, and be able to contract

-          Do not impersonate others by using their password or any other means that aims to impersonate the user

-          Do not hinder or disrupt the operation of the site in any way and do not undermine its integrity.

-          Respect intellectual property rights: it is expressly requested to mention the provenance of the site when any display, information, image is shared.

-          Refrain from putting messages, illegal information

-          Do not collect data on other users of the site or harass them


It should be noted that this list is not exhaustive.

e-Lunet Optic reserves the right to suspend or / and prohibit access to any user who does not comply with these conditions at any time without notice. At the same time, e-Lunet Optic grants itself the right to warn users about the dangers of using the internet.


Article 4 - Terms of Order


Customers can order on the website

The customer guarantees that he is fully able to pay his order to cover all costs resulting from the use of products.

It is delivered free of charge to the customer in the form of an order summary which presents the customer with all the prices of the products.

The customer accepts this quote in accordance with the legal provisions, by clicking on the button "validate my order and pay". This validation constitutes an acceptance of the offer which has, between e-Lunet Optic, and the customer, the same value as a handwritten signature and is proof of the completeness of the order and the exigibility of the amounts due in execution of the said order, as well as the full and unreserved acceptance of the entirety of these general conditions of sale. By this acceptance of the contract, the customer acknowledges having read the quote and printed it. E-Lunet will systematically confirm the order of each customer by e-mail, and then send it by e-mail.


Measures of pupillary differences


For the order to be validated, the customer must transmit to e-Lunet Optic the corrections indicated on the medical prescription intended for the wearer of the corrective telescope and also the measurements of the pupillary half-distances or to communicate to the opticians e-Lunet Optic the documents allowing know this measure or perform it.

The client can find the measures of pupillary half-distances:

-          When visiting an ophthalmologist.

-          From the last optician who treated his file or sometimes on the card or the invoice given by the optician with the measurement of the pupillary half-distances (sometimes noted EP for "Pupillary Differences" or PD for the English term "Pupilar Distance" ).


Customer commitment


By placing an order on the website, the customer certifies:

-          Being over 18 years old and have the legal capacity to contract.

-          Being in possession of a medical prescription for glasses equipped with corrective lenses ordered, and that such prescription was written by an ophthalmologist on behalf of a wearer over 16, and that this prescription is in progress of validity the day of the purchase on the site This prescription, in the form of a prescription, must be sent to e-Lunet Optic to establish the order. Both e-Lunet Optic will not have received the medical prescription, the delivery will be suspended.


Mention optician control


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Withdrawal period

In accordance with the provisions of Article L.121-20 of the Consumer Code, the Customer has a right of withdrawal of 14 days from the date of receipt of the products, without indication of reasons and without penalties.

However, and in accordance with the provisions of Article L.121-20-2 of the Consumer Code, products manufactured and customized according to the specifications of the consumer are not subject to the right of withdrawal of 14 days.

In accordance with Article L.121-20-2 of the Consumer Code, corrective lenses will not be reimbursed, and glasses equipped with corrective lenses will only be reimbursed at the height of the frames.

The Customer will be refunded the totality of the paid sums as soon as possible and at the latest in the thirty (30) days following the date with which he exercised his right of retraction by crediting the credit card or the PayPal account used during the payment.

Return shipping costs are the sole responsibility of the Customer.


Order cancellation


The repayment terms are as follows:

If cancellation of the order before the manufacture of the corrective lenses, the customer will receive a refund up to 100%

If the order is canceled after the manufacture of the lenses and before shipping to the country of destination, the customer will receive a refund only on the frame and accessories. The price of glasses is not subject to a refund from e-Lunet Optic

If cancellation of the order after delivery, the customer can then exercise its right of withdrawal within 14 days of receipt of the package. The customer will receive a refund up to the mount and will pay the shipping costs.


Terms of delivery


Delivery takes place in relay points in the countries of destination.

Delivery times are approximately 15 days, but additional delays may apply depending on the country of destination. Once the parcel arrives in relay point, the customer receives a notification by email or an SMS. The beneficiary then has 14 calendar days to pick up the parcel.


 Once the period has elapsed, and if the parcel has not been removed by the consumer, it will be sent by the relay point in France.

Personal data


E-Lunet Optic undertakes not to disclose to third parties the information provided by customers on the website These are confidential.

The information requested from customers will be the subject of a computer registration reserved for the use of e-Lunet Optic, unless otherwise justified.

If the customer does not complete the required fields, e-Lunet Optic will not be able to deliver his order.


* Articles 32, 38, 39, 40 of the Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 amended relating to data, files and freedoms; Law No. 2002-303 of 4 March 2002 on the rights of patients; Decree No. 2002-637 of April 29, 2002.

e-Lunet Optic does not sell or rent to third parties the personal data concerning its customers. e-Lunet Optic can send customers information and commercial offers from its partners.

The customer declares to accept the conservation of his personal visual correction data. These will in no case be the subject of an assignment or disclosure to third parties except in the form of aggregated and non-personal statistics.

Customers can opt-out by sending e-Lunet Optic an e-mail to (assuming customers use different e-mail addresses to place their orders, they are asked to send e-Lunet Optic a message from each of the e-mail addresses provided to e-Optic).

In accordance with the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, the customer can exercise his right of access to the file and his right to rectification or deletion for information concerning him by sending an email to (mention your e-mail address, last name, first name, postal address). The email must contain the following subject: "I wish to cancel my account".

The user of the site is informed that, by the acceptance of the present general conditions of sale, any abandonment of order and / or basket will generate the sending of emails of notification of recovery of basket and customer satisfaction survey, however, in the limit of three emails.

In accordance with the recommendations of the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés (CNIL), the user has the option to oppose the sending of these notifications at any time by writing to


Non-personal data and cookies


The site collects non-personal data in order to carry out analyzes and statistics related to your browsing on the website. This information may relate to connection time, connection source, IP address and others. This information helps to improve the content of the site and adapt it to your needs.

The e-Lunet Optic site may need to install cookie files in your browser to better track your navigation. Thanks to these cookies, we can establish statistics on the most viewed pages, the least viewed and the duration of attendance on the login pages.

However, the user has the possibility to oppose these cookies or to modify them by referring to the navigation tool of the computer.


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